UK Cooked Meat Temperatures

Using a meat thermometer to measure the internal/core temperature of meat is an easy and safe way to make sure meat is cooked to a safe temperature.  It’s important to make sure that the temperature probe is inserted into the thickest part of the meat being cooked. You’re looking to measure the core temperature, not the surface temperature – the difference between the 2 could be quite significant.

Beef: Lamb:
Blue 38°c Rare 46°c
Rare 50°c Medium Rare 52°c
Medium Rare 57°c Medium 57°c
Medium 63°c Medium Well Done 66°c
Medium Well Done 68°c Well Done 72°c
Well Done 72°c Burgers/Kebabs/Sausages/Mince Based 75°c
Burgers/Sausages/Mince Based 75°c
Chicken: Burgers/Sausages/Kebabs/Mince Based 75°c
All 75°c Chops/Joints 75°c

* Temperatures are provided for guidance. If in doubt, cooking to 75°c will ensure the meat is safe to eat. Lower temperatures might be possible if cooking by sous vide. Consult your recipe/machine for further details.